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Google+ Lets You Select Your Own Gender

Unity in diversity – I suppose that is where the word “university” comes from, where every element is an individual, and yet on the collective whole, it makes up a really diverse and unique entity. Well, on the most simple front of things, gender identity can be relegated to just “male” or “female”, but it can be said that it is a whole lot more complex than that in real life for some folks.

Google Lets You Select Your Own GenderHence, Google has announced that Google+ will be able to offer support for an infinite number of ways so that one can express his or her gender identity.

This is made possible through the ability to customize the way your gender is represented right there on your profile. In the past, options that were available to Google+ users include “Male,” “Female,” and “Other,” where “Other” is there to encompass both those who don’t fit into the traditional gender labels, as well as others who would prefer their gender to remain a private detail to the rest of the world. Well, it seems that there are now four entries to choose from – “Male,” “Female,” “Decline to state,” and “Custom.”

Those who pick up “Custom” would be able to make use of a freeform text field as well as a pronoun field. You are able to limit as to who can actually check out your gender, and this particular gender selection feature will be made available to all Google+ users in the days ahead.


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