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FET Price List

Frozen Embryo Transfer Price List
Consultation £175
Screening varied – price given on individual basis
Medication (approx) £300
UK Monitoring £650
(Administrative, nursing and medical support, co-ordination with Cyprus clinic, all treatment scans, follow-up appointment or first pregnancy scan)

Cyprus Charge
(Payable to the Crown IVF Centre) £2,500 

Frozen Embryo Transfer following PGD
Occasionally, following the initial egg collection, all embryos may need to be frozen with no fresh embryo transfer taking place. This would be to reduce the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome-OHSS. On those occasions, should you need frozen embryo transfer(s) at a later date to complete your treatment the UK care will be charged at the same price as a normal frozen embryo transfer cycle (FET). Currently this is approximately £300 for medication and £650 for medical care.

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