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Travelling to and from Cyprus for egg donation or PGD is very straightforward
The UKCFA was set up in 2008 initially only to help couples who needed egg donation abroad. Later many couples who planned to have PGD for gender selection (family balancing) in Cyprus also started to contact us and requested that we looked after them during the initial part of their treatment so that their stay in Cyprus was shorter. Following our consultations with Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) and the General Medical Council (GMC) we confirmed that it was legal for us to care for the patients in the UK (during egg stimulaton) prior to their travel to Cyprus (to have egg collection and PGD in Cyprus) even if they were eventually planning to have PGD for sex selection for family balancing. This was reassuring because the safest option for the patients was to be under the care of a specialist whilst they were in the UK rather than trying to follow instructions sent from obsecure clinics. The process of PGD for gender selection (sex selection) for family balancing is of course legal in Northern Cyprus. You can now have most of your treatment prior to PGD (3-4 weeks) in London or Liverpool under the care of our NHS consultants prior to coming to Cyprus to complete your treatment. Your stay in Cyprus for PGD should be 7-10 days. If you are coming for egg donation it can be 5-7 days.

Since 2008 hundreds of couples have travelled to Crown IVF Centre (CIC) to have egg donation or PGD for gender selection (sex selection) for family balancing. We have had a huge success with pregnancy rates. Another important issue that we have always been aware of was the fact that most couples had not travelled to Northern Cyprus before. They did not know the environment. This could have caused undue anxiety for couples who want an easy access to treatment with donor eggs or just like to have PGD for family balancing (gender selection). The satisfaction of our patients has always been very important to us. We therefore try to make your travel and stay as comfortable and easy as we can do even though we do not get involved directly with your travel arrangements.

As you would expect, travelling to and from Cyprus for egg donation or PGD (sex selection/gender selection/family balancing) is very straightforward and we are within easy reach of many locations throughout Europe.  With the island being a popular destination for holidaymakers there is plenty of accommodation to suit your requirements making your stay with us both comfortable and affordable.

Located on the East side of Cyprus, in the heart of the Mediterranean Region, our comfortable, state of the art medical facility is located close to the island airports of Lanarca (Larnaca International Airport) in Greek Cyprus and Nicosia (Ercan International Airport) in Turkish Cyprus.

During your treatment in the UK, our staff will provide you with guidance in relation to the hotels and other accomodation as well as flights and local transport. The Cyprus IVF Centre is able to provide transport to and from the airport and your hotel to the clinic if you wish. We will give you a list of hotels and self catering accomodation.

I am a Gynaecologist, no travel expert but I can tell you that everyone in Cyprus speaks English. From the taxi driver to the girl at the till of a corner shop. For someone travelling from the UK, I would suggest Cyprus is "home from home". They like the Brits, they drive on the same side (even the number plates are similar), they follow the rules in traffic, everyone is polite, the place is clean, the clinic is immaculate, the hotels are new although the country still has a feel of being relatively rural, which I think is great. That is why I live here!

As I mentioned though, our staff in the UK and the consultants are not travel experts. These are my personal views. We do not get involved with travel arrangements as arranging the medical side, the donor, the recipient, the eggs, the is busy enough! We have enough work in our hands to keep us occupied. I would therefore ask our couples to make their own travel arrangements but we are always at hand to advice.

Dr. H.I.Tekin, Consultant Gynaecologist, Fertility Specialist   Director, UKCFA

Please note that the UKCFA takes no responsibility over the travel arrangements.

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