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Egg Donation FAQs

Popular Egg Donation frequently asked questions
Do I need special travel insurance as I am having egg donation abroad?
Travel insurance does not cover planned medical procedures such as egg donation abroad. Any additional medical treatment required due to the planned treatment will be covered by the clinic in Cyprus. Travel insurance is still required.

How long does the egg donation treatment take?
Usually 4 weeks is needed to prepare a woman in our London, Liverpool or other satellite UK clinics to have egg donation abroad. Initial preparation (4 weeks) happens in the UK under our NHS Consultants' control. You can then fly to Cyprus to stay 7 days to complete the treatment.

How much will it cost?
Please see our price list. Each patient is given a full individualised treatment quote prior to commencement of treatment. There are no hidden costs. Please contact Jemma for a detailed estimation from our London egg donation clinic or Liverpool egg donation clinic.

How and when do we pay?
The initial consultation fee In London or Liverpool is payable prior to the consultation. The UK part of the treatment is payable once medication is to be dispensed this is payable by debit or credit card. The Cypriot part of the treatment is payable whilst you are in Cyprus this can be paid by bank transfer prior to travelling to Cyprus, with credit card in Cyprus ( % surcharge ) or with cash GBP’s or Turkish Lira.

Is there a waiting list for egg donation or to find a donor?
We have no waiting list for treatment a consultation can be arranged and treatment planned for a time suitable to you. There are over 200 donors from all backgrounds available at all times. They are mostly University graduates or students with proven fertility.

When can I have a consultation and where?
We can offer consultations at 10 Harley Street, London (Saturday only) or at 88 Rodney Street, Liverpool.

When can I book my flights?
To make the process as stress free as possible and to minimise costs we arrange treatment so flights can be booked well in advance at a time of your choice. You can then choose your donor. We then arrange (synchronise) your cycle with the donor's in line with the dates you wish to be in Cyprus. It is easy!

Do you arrange flights and accommodation?
We don’t arrange flights or accommodation, but help and advice is available both from our UK coordinator and also our Nurse consultant in Cyprus. We can give you all the information needed so that you can book the travel yourselves or we can advice someone who can help!

How long will I be in Cyprus for?
We suggest that you stay at least 7 days in Cyprus. This allows for a blastocyst embryo transfer, which is where the embryo is allowed to develop for 5 days if you so wish. Although most of our patients have been advised to have an embryo transfer on day 3 which has been giving us an extraordinary pregnancy rate of over 85% lately (April 2012, RG).

Can I fly back straight after treatment?
Yes you can fly as soon as treatment is completed there is no evidence that this has any adverse affects.

Can I have my scans and tests at my local GP or hospital?
Yes – Blood tests & scans can be performed at your local hospital or GP. If scans are not performed in London or Liverpool but at a clinic /hospital arranged by you there will be no reduction in costs.

Can we choose the dates of our treatment?
Yes you can choose the dates you wish to be in Cyprus. The donor’s cycle is coordinated around yours.

How can I arrange transport in Cyprus?
Our clinic in Cyprus has transport which can be used for both airport transfers and trips to and from the clinic. The cost of this is given on an individual basis depending on where you stay.

What do we need to pass between Southern and Northern Cyprus?
Crossing from southern to northern Cyprus is simple and very easy. There is a border checkpoint where passports are examined often without the need for the presence of the passport holder!

What can I find out about the donors?
The details you will receive on donors are blood group, age, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, complexion, skin colour, nationality, educational level, profession and if they have any children. All the donors are anonymous and therefore photographs are not available.

What tests do the donors have?
The donors in Cyprus have all the same tests required by the HFEA for donors in the UK. See list on our website. Alternatively lists are available in our London egg donation clinic and Liverpool egg donation clinic.

What is the age limit for treatment?
The upper age limit is 50, however acceptance for treatment is the consultants decision.

How do I get my medication?
All medication is delivered to you at home on day and time convenient for you.

What is the currency in Northern Cyprus?
Both Euros and Turkish lira can be used.

What tests do I/we need?
Both you and your partner need HIV, Hepatitis B&C, Syphilis, CMV and blood group. Male partner also needs Cystic Fibrosis screening. If you have already had these tests done as long as it is within a year these will be acceptable.

How many donors will I be offered?
We normally try to offer 3-4 suitable donors for you to choose from. This may vary depending on your specific requirements.

Where are your donors from?
Most donors are of Slavic background (Ukrainian, Russian, Moldovan) who match the physical characteristics of the UK population much more easily. However, we have donors from many nationalities Turkish, Greek, Eastern European and can source other nationalities if requested.

Do you guarantee to use certain number of eggs?
Yes – we guarantee you will receive minimum 10 eggs from your chosen donor.

Where should I fly in to and from?
You can fly from many UK airports including London, Stanstead, Luton, and Manchester. The best airport to fly into is Larnaca airport in southern Cyprus or Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus.

What if I change my mind?
If you withdraw from treatment you will be charged for services up to the point you withdraw.

How many embryos can I have transferred?
You can have a maximum of 2 embryos transferred.

Does anyone speak English at the clinic in Cyprus?
Your treatment coordinator in Cyprus (Zeren) who also is your Counselor is a native Londoner. She speaks with a little bit of a Cockney accent, which you will hear before you travel as she will call and confirm your appointment with you for when you arrive. Many of the clinic staff speak very good English just as Dr. Tekin, the Medical Director.

What happens when I get to the UK?
Once you return to the UK you are back into the care of our consultants should you have any problems. They also perform your first pregnancy scan should the treatment be successful in our London egg donation clinic or Liverpool egg donation clinic.

How will I know what medication to take and when?
You will be given a full treatment plan telling you what to do on a daily basis. You can also contact the UK coordinator should you need any advice during your treatment.

Do you need a referral from your doctor?
No you do not need to be referred. Your treatment can remain confidential all the way if you so wish.

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