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Egg Donation Database and Egg Donor Programme

Egg Donation provided by UKCFA

Egg Donation services provided by the UK Cypriot Fertility Association is unmatched. We offer you donors which match your individual requirements and are ready to start treatment at any time.

We achieve this by constantly maintaining a pool of over 200 pre-screened donors. This means you can plan your treatment, travel dates and pregnancy around a schedule which suits you.

Egg Donation Costs

Our egg donors are mostly from Slavic backgrounds and are all:-
  • Young (20-30 yrs)?
  • Healthy?
  • Fertile?
  • Intellectual?
  • Highly educated?
  • Fully screened

We also provide donors from African, Asian and Indian subcontinent backgrounds.

With over 200 donors, we can usually offer you a choice of suitable egg donors to choose from allowing you to feel totally comfortable with your egg donor choice. Physical characteristics required by the recipient and the blood groups are matched before identifying the most suitable egg donors for you.

Most donors are 21-28 years old, are often students or graduates of former Soviet Republics such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova, who are living or studying in Turkey and Cyprus.

Our donors cannot donate more than three times and each egg donor undergoes an extensive selection process including;
  • Interviews?
  • A consultation with a Physician and a Gynaecologist?
  • Implications Counselling by a Counsellor and a Nurse

We do this with each donor to determine her suitability for donation.

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) Standards
All our donors have a normal body weight, a healthy medical and a genetic history (including family history).

Baseline ultrasounds and blood work is carried out to determine hormone levels, absence of substance abuse, sexually transmitted and other diseases.

We determine their physical eligibility to undergo follicle stimulation and egg retrieval.

All donors will have tested negative for all the infectious disease and genetic screening performed in the UK according to the standard criteria of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA).

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