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10 Egg Gaurantee

Our 10 Egg Guarantee is in place to give you ’Complete Peace of Mind’
Our partners, Crown IVF Centre (CIC), guarantee that each recipient couple will have at least 10 eggs allocated for their treatment from the same donor. This is intended to provide you with the best chance of success by giving you a selection of embryos that will be created with these eggs. If 10 eggs can not be provided for whatever reason then the CIC will provide a new treatment free of charge.

In addition, if feasible, some embryos can be cultured up to day 5 in the lab (blastocyst culture). This is carried out by CIC Free of Charge. It is of course important to note that not every embryo created would necessarily be suitable for blastocyst transfer.

It is also important to note that around 50% of our couples have surplus embryos that are good enough to freeze at the end of their treatment. These embryos can later be used for further treatment with significant cost savings. It is again important to clarify that not every embryo is suitable for freezing and thawing.

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